If you're looking for a chartered accountant to provide strategic guidance and insight to help start or grow your business, to guide you in building your wealth while minimizing losses to taxation, or if you’re looking for strategic personal tax planning, then we can help.

Pinto Professional Corporation is a boutique chartered accounting firm serving Toronto and surrounding areas.  The firm was founded by Toronto chartered accountant, Douglas A. Pinto, CPA, CA, who has been providing accounting, tax and advisory services to the public for more than seventeen years.

Pinto Professional Corporation provides accounting, tax and business advisory services to businesses, healthcare practitioners - doctors, dentists, other professionals and individuals. 

Our mission is to provide solutions to our clients’ needs and to be their trusted advisor in the areas of accounting, tax and business operations.  Our focus is on building long-term relationships with our clients and working with them to reach their business and personal financial goals.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of personalized service possible.  Our clients benefit directly from our extensive experience and our practical, down to earth, accounting, tax and advisory solutions.


For individuals -

We provide personal tax planning, tax preparation and filing services to minimize tax and assist you to achieve your financial goals.  ...read more.



Douglas A. Pinto, Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant


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For healthcare and other professionals -

We provide guidance and assistance with incorporating your practice as well as ongoing accounting, tax filing, tax planning and minimization strategies for existing professional corporations. ...read more.

For business owners -

We take care of the accounting and tax details but also provide strategic guidance and insight to help start or grow your business and guide you in building your wealth while minimizing tax.   ...read more.